Frequently asked questions and answers

  • No you do not, there is no minimum term, you can leave/cancel any time you like
  • Please note: When on the Swagmates site, you must abide by the Swagmates terms and condition. This is mandatory.

Create a new account. Agree to site terms and conditions. Create an advertisement. Easy.

Creating an advertisement on swagmates is free of charge. However you can choose to boost the position and visibility of your free advertisement by expending Swagmates credits.

On the Swagmates website, you can purchase Swagmates credits. Once you have some of these, you can use them to improve the visibility of your advertisement. You can bump up the position of your advertisement, highlight your advertisement or feature your advertisement:

  • Schedule a Bump Up – Move your listing to the top of the listings for your area. Swagmates ads are added frequently, bumping your advert to the top regularly will result in more views for your advert.
  • Highlight my Listing – Your listing will stand out more on the Swagmates Search page. A highlight draws the eye, and will result in more views.
  • Featured Listing – Your listing will periodically appear on the top of listings for your area. 3 spots are always reserved at the top of each page for Featured Listings, every time the page is accessed these ads refresh. All Featured Listings cycle through these 3 slots).

Go here. Follow the prompts :)

Swagmates advertisements have a Minimum requirement of 2 photos, and a maximum of 4 photos.

Not at all. Mobile snapshots and Selfies are fine. Please ensure these are high resolution - the better quality the photo’s the more hits you are likely to get on your advertisement. NOTE: Please ensure you are familiar with our terms and conditions in regards to advertisements.

After submitting your advertisement, it should go live almost immediately. If you are experiencing issues, please contact Swagmates for technical support.

Go here. Follow the prompts.

Here are some links regarding prostitution in Australia:

Here are some key points to consider:

  • The ACT sex work laws are quite liberal, with most aspects of the work legal once registered with the Department of Fair Trading. Workers can operate from their own homes once registered, though they must be working alone
  • The laws are quite similar in Victoria and Queensland, where sex workers, brothels and escort agencies must register or be licenced by the state government and there are restrictions on the way sex work is conducted. Street work is illegal.
  • NSW is the only state to have completely decriminalised sex work, and licensing and registering is not required.
  • In WA, SA, Tasmania and the NT, most aspects of sex work are criminalised.
  • Under Northern Territory laws, brothels and street work are illegal, though there is some flexibility with private workers who work by themselves, and with escort agencies, if they are licenced.
  • The laws in WA and Tasmania are similar, but do not require licencing.
  • South Australia's laws a perhaps the strictest, where brothels and in some cases private work is illegal. It is also illegal to be on the premises of a brothel without a reasonable explanation, to earn a living from prostitution, and to procure a prostitute.
  • Follow this link for the SWOP Sex Industry Legal Kit
  • Adverts arrive at the top of the queue, however due to the high volume of advertisements moving through the Swagmates marketplace, these soon move off the top of the screen.
  • To allow advertisers to secure more views on their advertisement, we have created the option available to ‘bump’ your advertisement.
  • This (immediately) pushes the advertisement to the top of ‘the days advertisements.
  • To increase the views on your advertisement, we would encourage you to occasionally ‘bump’ your advertisement to the top again.
  • Yes. If you are working for an agency, we would just ask you to select the ‘Agency’ option when creating an advertisement.
  • Please not that each advertisement is for an individual offering services. Advertisements for multiple individuals are not permitted.
  • Each individual advertisement needs to represent an individual worker. IE: If an Agency has 5 girls working, then they are required to advertise these girls individually, rather than all 5 girls in one advertisement. This is essential for Swagmates advertisement filtering, and will ensure customers are able to locate the services they require.
  • Agency workers will be asked to provide some information in regards to their place of work. This allows Swagmates to tag the advertisement, and display the business name on the individual advertisement.